Mad the Martian Original Music

"Focus on the positive, stand up for yourself and hear life's melody."
Welcome to the world of Mad the Martian, we sought to incorporate those elements into a contemporary rock record that is catchy, arresting, beautifully harmonic and endlessly fun. We hope you like it, thanks for stopping by, have a sandwich.

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Like any other artist, Mad the Martian's goal is to create the music they love and share it with the world. We realize of course there are many ways to deliver music to the listener through exposure in TV, Film and advertising. Many times, this is what gives a record the traction it needs to become a hit.

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The reviews are in and "Blast off" is ready to do just that! With its nostalgic sound and use of analog gear, this release comes from a planet where Auto Tune destroyed their world!

Mad the Martian's album "Blast Off" is now available on iTunes and everywhere fine records are sold.